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Over 15 years’ experience in the world of venues intended for the public


In our role as a publisher, we have adapted our development to our customers’ needs.


Value-added rentals, installation, configuration, remote control, supervision.


The success of any IT project does rest upon choosing the right solution, but also depends on choosing the right service provider.


OPENevents also means the proactive supervision of your infrastructures.


Over 15 years’ experience in the world of venues intended for the public


Let OPENevents be the bespoke IT service provider for your events



Software publication.

In our role as a publisher, we have adapted our development to our customers’ needs. To you, this represents the guarantee that we will deliver proven, competitive solutions and that you will enjoy facilitated operations which are suited to your profession and your customs. In order to meet the recurring problems that confront our customers, we have developed “tailor-made” solutions that are unique for each customer, some of which have been in place and functioning for 10 years. Our solutions can be profession-specific or cross-functional, integral or modular… Explore OEnet, OEwifi, OEprobe, OEsono, OEiptv and all the other solutions published by OPENevents. Our profession-specific solutions:

Our profession-specific solutions :

  •       Events
  •      Shopping centres
  •      Public venues
  •      Network and Wifi management

OEnet : our profession-specific solution for the events management sector

OEnet – OPENevents NETwork facilitates centralized, automated Internet access management at exhibition centres, convention centres, shopping centres and any other kind of public venue. Built upon basic, open network architecture of the Ethernet and Wifi type, OEnet is a stable, scalable solution that is easy to access and requires no particular technical abilities.

« Better user experience and an interface that can be customized to match your event.»

Thanks to the integrated profession-specific web application, one can quickly and easily create an Internet login for exhibitors, organizers, customers or visitors at the event. When logging into the Wifi network for the first time, visitors are redirected to a web page where they are asked to validate the terms & conditions of use. This process is automatic for smartphones once they are connected to the Wifi network. The page may be preceded by an advert with adjustable display time. After that, users are connected to Internet at a good speed.

OEnet functionalities include:

  •   Biased perspective for tradeshows or events with automated service creation or deletion according to the dates shown
  •   Customer-managed services
  •   Landline services management: Internet, TVoIP etc
  •   Wifi services management: authentication, Hotspot portal etc.
  •      Infrastructure supervision, statistics and history
  •      Modular platform for telecom services management: landline connections, Wifi connections, access to TVoIP and ToIP
  •   Multiple-manufacturer compatibility for switches and Wifi: will support several network systems manufacturers (HP, Cisco, Dlink, Netgear etc.)

OEwifi : our cross-functional Wifi solution

OEwifi is the captive portal solution integrated into OEnet, which helps to manage visitor Wifi access. The solution may also be provided separately from our other solutions.

OEprobe : our network quality solution

OEprobe is a “Quality Testing” solution for landline and Wifi networks. Independently from the OEnet solution, the OEprobe probe behaves like a Wifi terminal, performing a set of recurrent navigation and test routines that can automatically measure the user experience.

OEsono : our sound system solution for public venues

OEsono is a solution for controlling sound system services at public venues, making use of distributed management (background music, vocal messages, technical operation). What we mean by “distributed management” is the ability to access all audio functionalities from any spot in the facility and not only from the central console. OEsono is compatible with any kind of commutation, transport or sound distribution hardware and any control system.

OEiptv : our TVoIP management solution

IPTV makes it possible to broadcast, by event or by Amino group, a TV package via satellite, DTT or CCTV. We can add local or in-house channels to that package using a SDI/HD-SDI encoder. This solution requires the rental of a Makito encoder and an Amino set-top box.


Cutting-edge, à la carte equipment

With OPENevents, you will have an exhaustive choice of the latest cutting-edge equipment to set up your temporary network infrastructures or to boost your existing installations for an occasional event. On top of the “hardware” rentals, we will guide you through the installation, configuration, remote control and supervision of your IT setup. Take advantage of a turnkey, high-value-added service to help ensure the success of your projects.

Selected items from our rental catalogue: 

  •  Hub switches: HPE Aruba and Cisco
  • Distribution switches: HPE Aruba and Cisco
  • Wifi controllers: HPE Aruba and Extreme Networks
  • Wifi routers: HPE Aruba and Extreme Networks
  • Mobile servers rack: OPENevents
  • Supervision NOC: OPENevents


To each customer his own IT solution..

Any successful digital transformation involves choosing an effective IT, networks and security solution, as well as a competent service provider who is able to optimize its deployment. OPENevents will provide a 360° IT integration service complete with customized consulting, a conscientious project follow-up and the efficient installation, configuration and maintenance of your solution.

Prior to the IT integration, OPENevents will perform an audit of your system and tools so as to recommend the most suitable solution and equipment for your needs. Thanks to the ongoing watch we perform on innovations in technology, to our international experience and our presence within major facilities, we have a proven, suitable answer for each and everyone.

Our IT partners:

  • HPE
  • Aruba Networks
  • Extreme Networks
  • Cisco
  • IBM / Lenovo
  • Dlink


A technical centre available 7 days a week

OPENevents is also an efficient support centre made up of technicians and experts who are on hand to solve your problems and answer your questions 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm. The proactive supervision system that we will set up in your infrastructures will instantly warn us in the event of an anomaly so we can respond faster. Our support centre will handle the maintenance of your entire infrastructure under operational conditions and resolve any issues via an unlimited hotline. The supervision solution that we deploy may also include third-party elements in your network like video surveillance, controlled entry, dynamic signage etc., providing you with a single monitoring console for your entire range of services.

” With OPENevents, malfunctions are resolved even before you have time to notice them!”

Our/your tools:

  • Intuitive web supervision console
  • Centralized supervision in our Network Operations Centre (NOC)
  • Open supervision allowing for the integration of external elements
  • Alert system via web / email / text
  • Reporting, SLA, weather reports
  • Customized supervision cards and dashboards


Proven expertise.

OPENevents is above all a team made up of cutting-edge engineers, enriched by years of experience es to serve all of our development and integration work. Our team will come up with the best possible solutions to suit your digital issues, on the basis of qualified competencies in information systems and innovation.

Accordingly, we provide services in consulting, studies, analyses and audits, within the framework of a new project, an existing infrastructure or one requiring changes. In addition to our consulting abilities regarding any issue relating to digital transformation, we can also provide guidance to sales or operations staff in elaborating a sales catalogue or in pre-sales consulting for end customers.

Your guaranties:

  • Cutting-edge technical expertise
  • Familiarity with multiple manufacturers
  • Overall understanding of Europe’s major events market.
  • Ongoing technological watch of the sector


The high-availability specialist

Now that it is a crucial ingredient in any successful event, the telecom and networks component absolutely needs to be handled flawlessly by an experienced IT service provider who will leave nothing to chance. OPENevents has successfully transposed its know-how in fixed infrastructures towards temporary projects by adjusting its methodology and engineering skills and by providing more flexible tools. Whether we are handling a sports competition or a political summit, we will digitize your most ambitious temporary infrastructures, however complex or demanding the event may be, and wherever it is taking place, in France or abroad. As a result of our experience in major, world-class events, we also enjoy an ecosystem of partners that will facilitate our handling of the overall scope of your projects.

Our areas of involvement: 

  •  Studies
  • Control
  • Assembly
  • Operation
  • Disassembly